We are not
event planners, an agency, booth designers, vendors, organizers, bystanders,

we are
exhibition specialists. strategic partners. experience curators. your trusted advisors. ROE specialists. the future of exhibitions.

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The Exhibetter Difference

Streamlining your exhibitions success,
from chaos to clarity

Exhibiting at trade shows can often feel like navigating a maze. Without a dedicated strategy and the right support, exhibitors face a myriad of challenges—scattered planning, budget overruns, marketing demands, space booking, booth design and more.

Exhibetter simplifies this complex process, turning chaos into order and maximizing your Return on Exhibitions (ROE). We consolidate all elements of your exhibition under one roof, ensuring cohesive and effective planning every step of the way.


People who made it happen.
People who made Exhibetter.

Chirag Shah


Yogesh Vyas


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We win when
exhibitors win

We thrive when our exhibitors succeed. Exhibetter is designed to be a competitive advantage for our customers, empowering them to run their businesses efficiently. We aree obsessed with making our customers more successful.

Grow without fear

We place smart bets on people’s potential and we don’t aim for zero defects. We actively seek out growth areas, think boldly and aim for tangible results. It is your responsibility to challenge ourselves and reach new heights together as a team.

Invent the future

We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it ourselves. We optimize for the long-term, constantly innovating and pioneering new solutions that shape the landscape of exhibitions and events.

Relentless optimism

Building the impossible requires relentless optimism. We maintain an unwavering belief in a future where progress is not just possible but inevitable. We are  pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in the exhibition industry.

Focus industries

Driving change
across industries

Through immersive exhibitions, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge solutions; we are committed to creating exhibitions that leave a lasting impact and drive positive transformation across industries.


  • Apparel & Fashion (Garment & Textile)
  • Gems & Jewellery
  • Plastics
  • Fintech
  • B2B Marketing
  • Architecture & Construction
Our services

End-to-end support in execution

Success starts with meticulous planning, especially when it comes to showcasing your best at exhibitions. At Exhibetter, we guide you through every stage of the exhibition journey, ensuring a flawless show and maximizing your Return on Exhibitions (ROE).

Before the event

  • Selection criteria to find the right exhibition and region
  • How to decode post-event reports
  • Selection criteria for the right space
  • Making a exhibition-specific budget
  • Create and implement digital plan for local market
  • Exhibit booth preparation
  • Travel & logistics
  • Do's & don'ts
  • Deciphering exhibition manual
  • Meeting organizer deadlines
  • Booth design - vendors & interpreters

During the event

  • Booth possession protocols & timings
  • Lead generation systems
  • Closure of business discussions
  • New-age marketing innovations
  • Attend networking events & seminars
  • Dine-out invites to local potential buyers
  • Sales team & front staff briefing
  • Identifying VIP leads

After the event

  • Closure on expenses related to the exhibition
  • Analyzing budget v/s actual spends
  • Customized messaging to database
  • Follow-ups (30/90/180)
  • Handover report to marketing & leadership team
  • Plan for upcoming exhibition

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