28 Nov - 01 Dec, 2023


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Where your woodworking ambitions and Russia's thriving market find their perfect match!

Welcome to Woodex, the prestigious 18th edition of the global exhibition spotlighting cutting-edge equipment, materials, and components for the woodworking and furniture industry. Participating in this premier event not only grants you the platform to display innovations in logging, woodworking, and furniture production, but also opens doors to a world of opportunities, connecting you with a vast network of Russian timber industry experts and potential customers, giving your sales a powerful boost.

At Woodex, we're more than an exhibition; we're catalysts for growth. Our mission is to propel the timber industry in Russia towards a future of innovation and sustainability. By showcasing the latest equipment, embracing high-tech and energy-efficient solutions, and fostering the adoption of resource-saving practices, we're guiding the industry towards a seamless transition to a circular economy – a future that benefits both businesses and the environment.


Why India is Poised to Dominate the Russian Woodworking and Furniture Market

Woodex presents a unique opportunity for India to emerge as a frontrunner in the Russian woodworking and furniture sector. With its strategic vision and innovative prowess, India can revolutionize the market dynamics and take the lead in shaping its future.


Limited export of semiconductors, telecommunications equipment, lasers, computers, sensors and other equipment to Russia


Ceased co-operation from Taiwan and Korean manufacturers

Russian woodworking market insights

Who should exhibit?

At Woodex, exhibitors represent forefront manufacturers and suppliers spanning logging, woodworking, furniture production, and wood waste processing. These leaders are dedicated to propelling new technologies within the Russian market while upholding their leadership status and expanding industry connections.

  • Furniture Machinery Manufacturers

  • Upholstery Equipment Providers

  • Woodworking tool & Machinery Suppliers

  • Recycling Equipment Manufacturers

  • Paint and Coating Manufacturers

  • Adhesives and Sealants Suppliers

  • Wood Finishing Product Manufacturers

  • Drawer Slide and Hinge Suppliers

Unlock success & maximize your ROI
at the Woodex 2023

Woodex 2023 allows you to demonstrate equipment for logging, woodworking, wood processing, furniture production, as well as furniture components and fittings, makes it possible to find new customers among the maximum number of russian timber industry specialists and helps increase sales.

Why Exhibit in
Woodex 2023?

Increase sales and strengthen your position in the market

Find new clients and maintain relationships with existing clients and partners

Increase brand awareness

Bring the company/product/brand to the russian market

Find distributors & expand sales geography

Conclude contracts for the supply of products

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