Exhibit smarter in India our home turf.

Are you an international exhibitor planning to exhibit in India?
Explore the ins-and-outs of India’s exhibition industry with no extra effort!
Just let us be your eyes and ears.

Why should you tour India
through Exhibetter’s lens?

Exhibetter is a B2B Exhibition Specialist, assisting exhibitors- emerging and veterans - in improving their ROE [Return on Exhibition].

We blend copious data, our expertise, and our contacts to educate, empower, and help exhibitors increase their network & generate quality leads. From helping them prepare event calendars in advance to support them before, during, and after the event; we help them exhibit better, worldwide.

Here’s how we make exhibiting in India easier

1 Intelligence and Insights 

We share reports & data about your sector 

We help you make informed decisions with our tailored industry reports, so you can easily navigate your exhibiting journey armed with all you need to know.

2 360 Planning

We assist in pre-exhibition activities

Exhibiting is no piece of cake, and we know it. The pre, during and post-event activities for any trade show call for extensive planning - lucky for you, we’re experts in that!

3 Homeground Advantage

We share local knowledge

Who knows home better than the people who live there? Our team of intelligence experts based in India will be at your beck and call for getting any localized information, resolving your queries or clarifying government regulations.

4 Post-event Essentials

We make the packup stage simple

Pulling off an exhibition is no child’s play, so we understand how exhausting it would’ve been! With us, you can bid goodbye to post-event fatigue and rest assured. We will deliver your post-exhibition report, our analysis, suggestions, and anything else you might need.

Trust us, we're loved globally.


So, are you ready
to exhibit better?

We promise to make you feel at home, even when you’re exhibiting abroad.