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Whether planning an in-person, virtual or hybrid event, there is an exciting new world of opportunities available — but also new complexity.

We work behind the scenes to keep everything moving and on time for our customers. Our simplified, smart solutions make it easy for exhibitors to show up and show off - with no surprises.

The result? Happy customers who keep coming back to your show!

Who are we

We are aggregators and an all-in-one platform which aims to interconnect thousands of B2B exhibitions with millions of exhibitors across 100+countries.

We craft impactful decision-making process and streamline experiences of all sizes, utilizing market intelligence of our exclusive consortium of global sales agent network and leading B2B marketing agencies across 100+ countries.

The most effective exhibition strategies begin with clarity of purpose and are powered by research and analytics… starting with yours! Connect with the exhibiting community worldwide, optimize your investments and scale your event with smart strategies powered by data.

We are the marketplace
for exhibition industry


To offer innovative sales & marketing solutions for B2B event industry by connecting with exhibitors, delegates and sponsors across the globe.


We aim to create an AI-powered match making platform to interconnect 35,000 B2B exhibitions to 50M exhibitors across 100+ countries.

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